Henry Hudson
By Aksel and Nina

Henry Hudson was a very famous explorer. He discovered parts of North America including Greenland and many small islands near there. Henry Hudson was born September 12, 1570. He was born in London, England. He grew up to be a very wealthy man. He ended up marrying Katherine Hudson. There is no trace of her maiden name. Some say she was only marrying him for his money.
Henry Hudson was determined to find north passages to the Indies (Asia). He was sponsored by the Muscovy Company. On his first voyage in 1607 he rode on the ship Hopewell. He left from London, England and stopped at the Shetland Islands. After a day he set sail. He sailed near Greenland. During the sail he ran into rough weather and ended up on a island he named Svalbard. When the weather cleared up he went back to England. On the way he explored the tip of Svalbard.

On his second trip he planned to sail to Asia in the same ship. But he never got there. He couldn’t get past the island he named Novaya Zemlya, because the icy waters were too rough. He turned back planning to find a Northwest Passage. His crew mates found out they weren’t going home and threatened and said they would kill him if he didn’t turn back. They also made him write a letter saying that he did not sail back against his will. He returned in 1608 for his third time but again he was blocked by icy waters.

On the fourth voyage voyage in 1610 he was sponsored by the Dutch instead of the English. They wanted him to try to find the Northwest Passage again. He set sail and he planned to explore the Northeastern coast of America. He didn’t get there, he instead he sailed up the river now known as the Hudson River. He thought that he was on his way to the Indies or Asia. On his way back he was lost in sea with his son and several loyal crew man.
Henry Hudson will mostly be remembered for discovering parts of New England which we now call New York. `

Henry Hudson's Route